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Museum of the Early Middle Ages Carantana

Exceptional findings from the Early Middle Ages led to the foundation of the Carantana Museum in Molzbichl.
Encounter the early times of Christianity, marvel at the skills of stonecutters, get to know the funerary customs and learn more about church, country
and domination. Immerge into the world of the Early Middle Ages..


The nature reserve „Egelsee“ (about 10 minutes away).

Location of the important archeological sites Magdalenenkapelle, Lug ins Land, Hochgosch.

Opening hours & prices

Kärnten Card

may-october, every day except on Saturdays 10am-12
noon and 1pm-5pm; day off: Saturday
visit duration: ca. 20 min.



Frühmittelalter-Museum Carantana
9701 Rothenthurn, Molzbichl, Pfarrkirche
Telefon: +43(0)4767/666 oder +43(0)650/3332777
E-Mail: museum@carantana.at
Homepage: www.carantana.at
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