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    The joy of spring

    Celtic World in Frög

    Gods, graves and history. The mysterious time of the Hallstatt culture is getting alive at the Celtic World in Frög.

    About 3000 years ago dead of the upper class were buried in Frög in huge burial mounds with precious objects like jewellery and weapons. These are the first references of a capital in the Carinthian region. The Celtic World shows our forefathers’ way of living, cult, world view and social structure in experimental archaeology.


    Open burial mounds, original pieces of jewellery, Replica, special exhibitions.

    Opening hours & prices

    Kärnten Card april-october every day 10am-6pm
    Day off: Monday in April, May, June, September, October;
    July and August open daily
    visit duration: ca. 2 h


    Keltenwelt Frög
    Bergweg 22
    9232 Frög

    Telefon: +43(0)4274/2712 oder +43(0)676/842350205
    E-Mail: keltenwelt@aon.at
    Homepage: www.keltenwelt.at

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