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    The joy of spring


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  • Regionale Prospekte
  • Alpe Adria Trail Folder(© Alpe Adria Trail)

    Alpe Adria Trail Folder

    Alpe Adria Trail(© Kärnten Werbung)

    Alpe Adria Trail

    Hiking in the Garden of Eden.

    The joy of cycling(© )

    The joy of cycling

    For cyclists and globetrottes - 293 km of limitless cycling enjoyment. High quality cycling adventure - 5 qualified partners in East Tyrol and Carinthia.

    Alpe Adria Radweg(© )

    Alpe Adria Radweg

    410 kilometres through Salzburgerland, Carinthia and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.

    Motorradland Kärnten Tourenkarte(© )

    Motorradland Kärnten Tourenkarte

    Carinthia Compass(© Edward Kröger)

    Carinthia Compass

    Carinthia at a glance - all the essential information.

    Kärnten Card Folder(© Kärnten Card)

    Kärnten Card Folder

    Free entry to over 100 of Carinthia's most beautiful destinations.

    Kärnten Card Boschüre(© Kärnten Card)

    Kärnten Card Boschüre

    Planners Guide(© Steinthaler)

    Planners Guide

    Conferences in Southern Austria. Congress Centres - Conference Hotels - Event Locations - Supporting Programmes

    Ski map(© Kärnten Werbung)

    Ski map

    Skiing areas in Carinthia. Enjoy skiing on the sunny side of the Alps.

    Travel magazine - The joy of summer(© Kärnten Werbung)

    Travel magazine - The joy of summer

    Lieser- & Maltatal(© )

    Lieser- & Maltatal

    Hohe Tauern - die Nationalpark-Region(© )

    Hohe Tauern - die Nationalpark-Region

    Der Millstätter See(© Region Millstätter See)

    Der Millstätter See

    Bad Kleinkirchheim(© Bad Kleinkirchheim)

    Bad Kleinkirchheim

    Katschberg-Rennweg(© )


    Nassfeld Hermagor Pressegger See(© )

    Nassfeld Hermagor Pressegger See

    Weissensee(© Weissensee)


    Lesachtal(© )


    Mittelkärnten(© )


    Klagenfurt(© )


    Carnica Region Rosental(© Rosental)

    Carnica Region Rosental

    Region Villach Sommer(© )

    Region Villach Sommer

    Lavanttal(© Region Lavanttal)


    Klopeiner See - Südkärnten(© Klopeiner See - Südkärnten)

    Klopeiner See - Südkärnten

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