Waterfalls and gorges walking tours

For millions of years the elemental force of water has moulded and shaped the mountainous landscape of the Hohe Tauern! In the process it has left behind for us masterpieces of the Creation: waterfalls plummeting down into the valleys over sky-high rock faces and through deep and mysterious gorges.

Märchenhaft: geschliffene Wasserbecken -
Märchenhaft: geschliffene Wasserbecken - "Kolke" - in der Groppensteinschlucht

Today mankind can appreciate the value of these natural wonders and has designated the Hohe Tauern a National Park. But at the same time we can also rejoice in their beauty - thanks to carefully and spectacularly designed Water nature trails!
Come and marvel at the “Wild Waters” in the Hohe Tauern National Park.
Enjoy this adventure with your whole family!

For the waterfalls and gorges, go to:

Gößnitz waterfall – The force of water
Jungfernsprung – The power of myth
Gartl waterfall – Breathing in health
Ragga gorge – The best of the gorges
Groppenstein and Rabisch gorges – With all your senses
Barbarossa gorge – A legendary tale
Fallbach waterfall – Play+fun+experiences of nature
Malta Water Spectacles – Varieties of water
Göß Falls – Mind games on water

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