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    The joy of summer
    Lake Wörthersee

    Carinthian lakes paradise

    Warm water and a southern lightness of heart
    Warm, clear water, the golden rays of the sun and a dash of southern lightheartedness – these are the ingredients that make for lakeside holiday pleasure in Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost province. Even in early summer, the mild climate entices bathers to the almost Caribbean sandbars in the numerous bathing lakes with their pure, drinking quality water.

    Ossiacher See

    Carinthian regions

    A landscape with 1,270 areas of still water, 200 swimming lakes, 8,000 kilometres of rivers and numerous mineral springs.


    Enjoy the unique “hip” style of Lake Wörthersee

    Carinthia’s largest lake combines many advantages in one place. Seeing and being seen is what counts on warm summer evenings, as the last rays of the sun dip down into the lake in a golden light and you sip your first cocktail in one of the fashionable beach bars.

    Faaker See

    Bathing pleasure in the heart of Carinthia: Lake Faaker See

    The shimmering turquoise colour of the warm water gives Lake Faaker See its unique appearance. As the southernmost lake in Austria, enjoying the greatest number of hours of sunshine, it is also affectionately known as the “Südsee” [south lake].

    Millstätter See

    An oasis for romantic lovers – Lake Millstätter See

    Time to spend together, to pause and dive into the clear, mineral-rich warm waters of Lake Millstätter See – leave your cares behind and enjoy life. A tour of the bays of the lake with Gottfried Strobel is an unforgettable experience.

    Klopeiner See

    Enjoy getting fit at Lake Klopeiner See

    Reaching up to 28 degrees in summer, Lake Klopeiner is one of the warmest bathing lakes on the sunny south side of the Alps. The free “Kärntner Seenfitness” [fitness by the lake] programme is available to all visitors to the region.

    Ossiacher See

    Lake Ossiacher See

    At eleven kilometres long, Lake Ossiacher See is the biggest lake in the Villach region. In addition to being well known as the venue for the “Carinthian Summer” music festival, the lake is also known for its sport facilities. All kinds of water sports can be practised here.

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