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    The joy of summer
    The Nockberge Biosphere Park in Carinthia

    Alpe-Adria-Trail: From the Grossglockner to the sea.

    The thoroughly marked Alpe-Adria-Trail is a varied, cross-border, 750-kilometre long journey of discovery through three countries—Austria, Italy and Slovenia—and three cultures. The route stretches from the foot of the majestic Grossglockner Mountain to the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea, with views of a magnificent mix of natural backdrops, alpine water adventures and fascinating flora and fauna. Hikers travel along lakes, rivers and streams to the Adriatic Sea. Especially useful in this context: the Alpe-Adria-Trail Booking Centre, for all your organisational needs.

    Schifffahrt Millstätter See

    Kärnten Card 2017

    The Kärnten Card is the key to adventure, fun and lots of advantages. It opens the doors to more than 100 destinations in Carinthia, and you may return to your favourite attractions on as many days as you like. Furthermore we have more than 60 bonus partners, who allow exclusive reductions to all visitors with Kärnten Card.

    Bring ‘Memories of Childhood’ to Life Again

    Bring ‘Memories of Childhood’ to Life Again

    Frozen pizza, hamburgers, fries, etc. For many children today, fast food will probably be the defining taste of their youth. Smartphones and tablets are their playmates, the couch their playground... but take a look back:

    Käsehof Zankl

    Carinthia Slow Food Travel

    The Gailtal and Lesachtal Valleys in the west of Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost region, are the world’s first slow food travel destination.

    Villacher Kirchtag

    74th Villacher Kirchtag

    Date: 30 July 2016 - 6th August 2017
    Villacher Kirchtag" - Austria’s largest traditional folk festival - is a melting pot of traditions and ancient customs.
It is a folk festival for all kinds of people, and for people from all work of lives.

    Carinthia’s Alps-Adriatic cuisine

    Carinthia’s Alps-Adriatic cuisine

    The joy of living – so good you can taste it!
    In Carinthia, on the sunny southern side of the Alps, our motto has always been to relax and enjoy life. Our Carinthian Alps-Adriatic cuisine also promises any amount of good things, with fresh ingredients harvested locally in season, longstanding cooking traditions and new interpretations merging into a delicious regional style.

    am Drauradweg in Kärnten

    On the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path from the National Park to the Sea

    The 410-kilometre Alpe-Adria Cycle Path is an unforgettable experience. Starting from Salzburg, the city of Mozart, it takes you on a week-long ride through the centre of Hohe Tauern National Park in the sunny south to Carinthia, and over the Austrian border into Italy. The route through Carinthia is especially attractive, starting from the Tauernschleuse in Mallnitz, the main part of it being steep until it reaches the sea in Italy.

    Ironman Klagenfurt

    IRONMAN Austria

    Date: Ironman 2nd of July 2017

    The IRONMAN Austria is not only one of the biggest IRONMAN events world-wide, it is also the only IRONMAN that is booked out within minutes for the successive year

    Ossiacher See

    Carinthian regions

    A landscape with 1,270 areas of still water, 200 swimming lakes, 8,000 kilometres of rivers and numerous mineral springs.

    Snowshoe hiking

    Ski Plus. Blissful Moments Both On and Off the Carinthian Ski Slopes

    A winter holiday in Carinthia is ideal for active enthusiasts. It's not just about skiing, snowboarding, freeriding and ski touring - in Carinthia, you'll find a colourful variety of exciting possibilities for family members of all ages. The general conditions could not be better: a varied mountainous landscape with magnificent panoramic views interspersed with frozen lakes, boasting a mild winter climate and a particularly high number of sunny days.

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